Truecaller is an application that uses the latest technology to identify the callers’ IDs. You can check the details of your caller before picking up the call. This app saves time and effort in picking up unwanted calls and spam messages. With this application, you can know the details about the numbers that are not saved in your mobile phone contact list. Users have to create their profile on truecaller and set their original name, verify some basic information, allow access to contacts and messages, and get unlimited benefits of this application for free. You can create a personal or business profile on truecaller.

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Need to change your name:

Truecaller collects information about any contact from various sources to give you details about who is calling you and why. Sometimes it gives the wrong information and the caller’s name. You can easily edit your name on any device, including Android, iPhone, Windows, or tablet.

The procedure of changing names is very convenient and simple. Anyone can change or correct a name by following simple steps. 

Reasons behind wrong name:

Truecaller Name change

Procedure to change the name on Android:

You can change the name of yourself or the name of your friend from any digital device, including Android, iPhones, and others. 

Change name without the app:

Trucaller gives a convenient platform to its users; they can still change their name without installing the mobile application. 

Change name on iPhone:

IPhones are popular with their strong security system, but some users also face the problem of wrong names on their numbers. You can easily change names on iPhones and open the app if installed before; otherwise, install it. After login into your profile, click on the More button displayed on the screen of your iPhone and then click on the edit button or pencil icon. With the help of a pop-up, you have to click on Suggest a name, type your first and last name, verify as a personal or business, and click on Save; this app will update all your required changes in up to 2 days.


Can I change the name of my friend in truecaller?

Yes, you can. Search the number of your friend and click on the suggested name; a pop-up appears where you can suggest the name of your friends, make all changes and click on save. 

Why can’t I update my name on truecaller?

There may be many reasons that truecaller cannot update your name; you have to clear truecaller app caches in the settings of your device and then make your desired changes.

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