Truecaller is a legal application that blocks unwanted spam calls and messages. But this app received a lot of allegations that are somehow authentic, and many people started thinking about it. Exposing the name and all details about anyone without their consent is illegal. The Swedish-based company and the report from viceroy research have huge concerns about the privacy of this app. Many questions appeared from American short sellers about the confidentiality of truecaller users, but the company refused all the allegations.

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About truecaller:

Truecaller is an application that helps people block unknown callers, sales calls, and unwanted messages. The advanced spam detectors of the app automatically block spam or fraudulent callers to save users time and effort. The users have to log in to this app, provide their name, email address, or other essential information and give access to this app to the contact list and message box of their devices so that this app may build its phone log and update the spam callers’ numbers. This app collects data about all numbers from different sources, and you can check the details of all truecaller users when you call them or they call you. You can also check the name of an unknown caller, which helps you whether to pick up the call or ignore it.

Truecaller is a popular spam call-blocking app in all Sub-Saharan African regions and India. Most users on this app are Indian because India is considered to be a country that receives many spam calls and messages a day. With this application, you can block all spam calls and messages. Now with this app, no one can send you promotional or marketing messages anymore. This app will block all malicious or harassing messages and calls automatically.

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Allegation of security breaches:

This app collects information about users without their consent or knowledge, so it automatically breaches the security or privacy of all people. Hackers or trackers can easily hack the database of the app and can access all the details about any user, their email address, location, and contact lists. This app may put you in danger; anyone can access your personal information with one click. A lot of researchers warn users to stop using this application, but the popularity of this app increases day by day due to the diverse range of facilities. Indian researchers warn their people that this app may put them in a high-threat environment. 

Other investigation reports:

As truecaller is based in Sweden, so many Indians have severe concerns about their privacy. Viceroy research is not a single body that starts investigating the security breaches of this app. Many other companies and bodies raised concerns about this app over different years. In 2013 research reported about this app how a group of Syrian hackers used this app database to exploit the personal information of Indians. Many other reports raised concern that the data and personal details of many people were exposed on the dark web. But truecaller developers negate all the allegations by just saying this, this app never collects any personal or financial information about the users and the information about other people that are not using this app. So all allegations have no base at all because many other social applications like Facebook, Instagram, and linkedin require access to some basic information about users.

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