how to delete truecaller account

Truecaller is an app that blocks malicious or spam calls and messages. You can get some information, including the name of every caller, and decide if you want to pick up the call or ignore it. You can save time by skipping unknown numbers or sales calls. Currently, a big issue is revealed in almost every country. Many companies or hackers call users, sell their policies, or promote their products. This marketing strategy is somehow annoying for virtually every person if they have no interest in such policies. With the advanced spam detector of the app, it blocks all spam calls and messages automatically. But many concerns are raised related to the privacy of users of the app.

This app collects information from different sources, and you can know the name of a caller whose number is not saved in your contact list. This app collects all users’ details without their knowledge or consent, which is illegal. Many people are highly conscious of their privacy and don’t want to reveal any details about themselves. So they want to delete their account from Truecaller in simple steps.

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Deactivate your account:

If you are concerned with your privacy, then you can easily deactivate your account from the truecaller app with simple steps. You can delete your account from your Android phones and ios. 

After deactivating your account, users can search for your number and get information about you. To permanently delete all information from the truecaller database, you have to take one step further after deactivating the account on the truecaller app. You have to unlist your phone number from the truecaller database.

Unlist phone number from the truecaller database:

Enjoy your privacy with the Google app:

Many Android phones have an in-built Google app. You can still block all spam calls and messages with this app. But this app is not good enough to filter all spam calls than truecaller. You have to open the app, click on three dots and then click on settings; after clicking on it, you will find a prominent caller ID and spam tab, filter spam calls and open both these tabs. This simple setting will block spam calls automatically and you will see a red pop-up when an unknown number calls you. With the Google app, you will not be able to know the caller’s name. But you can enjoy your privacy with the Google app and block spam calls. If you want to stop spam messages, you have to download a message organizer app that will create a separate folder of malicious messages where all your spam messages will be saved, and you won’t get a notification of these spam messages at all. 

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