How to Record Calls in Truecaller?

Many countries banned call recording options due to security and privacy concerns. But if your country has no restriction on recording calls, you can record any incoming or outgoing calls with this third-party app called truecaller. Truecaller is a caller ID app that blocks spam calls and messages. Before picking up the calls, You can know who is calling you and why. Ignore the unknown callers and block their numbers to save time and effort. Now truecaller app has launched a fantastic feature that allows users to record all incoming and outgoing calls. At first, this feature was for only premium users, but now every user can use this feature to record any call. We emphasized getting consent from the other side caller before starting call recording of any incoming or outgoing call. 

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Record incoming or outgoing calls:

Google has put restrictions on recording calls from 3rd party applications. With the truecaller app, you can record incoming and outgoing calls on all Android phones with version 8 or earlier. Because phones with the latest versions have severe security walls, you cannot record calls at all on Android mobiles having versions more than 9. Some Android phones have inbuilt call recording options; if your phone has no built such feature, then you can use truecaller for this facility. You can record every fraudulent or harassment call easily. 

Start recording on the truecaller app:

Auto recording option:

Besides clicking on the recorded call manually, you can also activate an option of auto call recording; it will automatically record calls. For this feature, you have to open the truecaller app,  click on the menu, then click on call recording, go to settings, scroll down, and find an option for auto-recording. After clicking on this icon, calls will automatically record. You can listen to all calls offline and share them with anyone.

Recorded calls save option:

After recording any incoming and outgoing call, the file will be saved in the truecaller setting; users can easily find these audios by opening the truecaller app, clicking on the menu and then, tapping on settings, and clicking on call recording. Here you will find all your files. To listen to the recorded calls offline, you have to tap on the recorded icon; you can share all call recordings with anyone or on any application. 

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