How to Logout From Truecaller?

Truecaller is a caller ID application that helps users to block spam calls and messages. You will enjoy a lot of other exciting features of this application. You can record calls and change your name, email address, location, or any other detail. But with the latest update of truecaller, users cannot log out of their accounts. Logging out from truecaller was an easy process, but now if users want to log out, then they have to deactivate their account and then log in with a new number. Many people face problems or maybe lose their old phone number, so they need to log out and log in with a new number. 

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Logout on Android phones:

Currently, the logout option is unavailable on every device. Users can still log out from the truecaller app in an alternative way. You have to uninstall the truecaller application from your device or reinstall it. After reinstalling the app, you will be able to log in to your account with a new number and then verify this number by getting an OTP on your phone number. By completing the whole process, you will use a new profile with a new name and number. Users can also clear their data easily in this application.

Logout on iPhones:

The logout option is unavailable on iPhones also, but you can use an alternative way to log out of your account from truecaller like the Android phones. Uninstall the truecaller application or reinstall it on your iPhone. Then you can log in to this app with your new phone number, verify your phone number, and enjoy all the amazing features of this caller ID app. The one drawback of logout on iPhones in this way is that users cannot clear their data. To clear all data about the old phone number, you have to first deactivate the account by following simple steps and then log in with a new number.

Deactivation of account on iPhones:

The deactivation process on iPhones for the truecaller application is simple. 

Deactivation of account on Android:

The deactivation process on Android is quite simple. 

Change the number without deactivating the account:

Truecaller gives a convenient service for all its users. You can change your phone number within the app or without installing the truecaller application. Without application, you have to open the official webpage of truecaller and then insert your phone number by selecting country and code. Then you will see the profile. Click on your profile and tap on your phone number. Delete this number and then log in with a new number; after completing the verification process, you will enjoy all the app facilities.

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