How to Get a Blue Tick on Truecaller?

Truecaller is a caller identification application that detects spam, fraudulent, sales, or malicious messages. You can block all spam calls and malicious messages with this app. Users have to create their profile with Bluetick. Bluetick is the verification badge from truecaller to that specific user that will reduce their number to be blocked or flagged as spam. Users can create personal profiles or business profiles on truecaller. There are two ways of verification on this app; one is bluetick, which means an authentic or real user, and the other is green tick which indicates that this business is real, and truecaller allows them to promote their business calls. For the green tick, the users have to provide all details about is business, including a business document and purchasing a subscription plan; after successful payment, the user receives a green tick next to the business name that indicates that this business is authentic.

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Get a verification badge on Android phones:

Getting a verification badge is an incredibly easy process on the truecaller. 

Get verification badge on ios:

On ios, the verification process is a little bit changed; open the truecaller app and click on the avatar of your profile and then click on edit profile. Provide all necessary details, including your real name, email address, phone number, and location. After all details, truecaller will crosscheck all your details; if its intelligent service detects you as a real user, you can get a blue tick next to your name that indicates the authentic user.

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