how to remove spam from truecaller

Truecaller is an application that is designed to block malicious sales calls and fraudulent calls. Some mobile applications have inbuilt this facility, but many lack it. So users are always looking for an application that will help them filter spam calls and messages. Truecaller is an app with a spam call indicator; it collects information from different sources and prepares its phone database. Users can download this application and log in with their phone number; after the verification process, they have to use all the features of this caller ID application. 

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The reasons for removing spam numbers:

There are many reasons when users accidentally click any phone number as spam. If any of your friends changed his phone number or the truecaller showed the wrong name for any reason, you click on the number as spam. But if you realize your mistake, then you can easily remove the spam number. Open the app, and search for the phone number of the required user you want to unblock or remove from the spam list. Click on the details view tab of this number. All details related to that specific number will be displayed in this tap. Then click on ‘unblock’ or ‘not spam.’ After it, This app will save your information, and that number will be deleted into the spam database of the app. You will notice your changes after 24-48 hours.

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