How to Enable Call Recording in Truecaller?

If you are looking for a great application to communicate with your close ones and if unknown numbers irritate you, download Truecaller’s all-in-one application on your Android and IOS. Not only calls, but this app will also block strange chats, etc. in this app, and you can block ID’s unknown numbers and reveal the complete data related to the unknown numbers. 

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Reveal Database of the calls:

When someone calls you, the Truecaller app will give you lots of options on the app’s interface. It will reveal the complete information of the other members who will call or text you. This app will also provide full details regarding ids—their country, area, name, identity card, etc. 

How it will record calls: 

Many countries have blocked this feature as you cannot record the calls easily without informing the other user, and when the other user enables the call recording option, you can record the call. Truecaller has also blocked the possibility of call recording on some devices, but you can help with the opportunity via settings. You can also enable the call recording option for unknown or other numbers. When you will receive the call, tap on the recording button and start it without asking another person. This process you can apply for both devices, Andriod and IOS. But according to some authentic research, some people use high kinds of security on their devices, and when someone starts recording their calls, it will notify them, so here, you need to be careful at every step and follow the rules.   

Steps you need to follow before recording the call:

Step 1: Open the Truecaller application, tap on the left side of the three vertical icons, and go to its main menu. 

Step 2: In the app features section, you can easily find the call recording option and click on it.

Step 3: Enable the call recording in the app’s menu after tapping the recording option. 

Step 4: it will ask you to enable your device permission then you can record calls in Truecaller. Open the setting of your device and click on the permissions option to allow your app to call recording. 

Step 5: now you can record calls easily; users can also enable this option automatically or whenever they want to allow it to.

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