How to Hide Last Seen on Truecaller?

Truecaller is an excellent call ID application that has many outstanding features. The users have to install this application on any device, including Android, ios, and Blackberry. You have to create a personal or business account on this app with your authentic name, phone number, email address, and photo. This app helps users to detect spam calls, malicious messages, and many other features. One of the popular features of this application is the last seen or availability feature which helps you to know who is busy on another call or using the app. The red dot on the profile indicates that the user is busy with another calling ID, but the green dot indicates that the user is free and online. The availability feature is considered controversial because some people like that feature, and many criticize it. First of all, this feature was enabled in WhatsApp and then on all other social applications, including Facebook and many others.

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Last seen depends on:

Many users like to know who is free and call them to prevent time and effort in calling again and again to that user. The last seen or availability feature depends on the person’s usage of the app or on internet availability. It does not mean that the last call of any user. When a user is connected with a stable internet connection and uses the truecaller application, this app shows the last seen of that user. This availability feature also depends on the installation of the truecaller mobile application. If you have not installed the truecaller application on your mobile phone yet, then you will be unable to check the last status of other users, and other users also cannot check your availability status. To enjoy this outstanding feature, you have to install the truecaller application.

Ios users can also check the last seen of any user. Android users cannot see the last seen of an ios user, but ios users can check the last seen of all Android users. This is because of mobile development features. Ios devices come in the market with more advanced features and premium facilities.  

Turn off the availability toggle:

As we all know, that availability toggle is turned on as a default in the truecaller application. But you can turn it off with some simple steps. These steps are almost similar for all Android and ios users. With these simple steps, you can remove all that hassle of being available for calls. In many circumstances, you need to turn it off if you don’t want to talk with anyone or ignore calls from your friends or siblings despite being online. Follow the following steps to turn off the availability feature.

Check other profiles privately:

In the privacy center below ‘availability’, you will find an option; if you turn it on, it means that when you check other profiles, their names, and photos that they won’t get a notification that someone checked their profile. Otherwise, users of truecaller get a notification if anyone visits their profile and checks their names, phone numbers, or email address. You have to turn on the toggle and search for any phone number, know the details of any user, and much more. 

Private your profile:

Truecaller also provides a facility to all its users to private their profile so that no one can search their phone number and check their profile with images and other details. You have to turn the private mode off if you want to be searchable by other users. To turn on the private mode, you have to click on three dots, tap on settings and then click on the privacy center. At the availability toggle below, you will see another toggle ‘who can see my profile’. You can make changes in this toggle regarding your privacy concerns.

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