How to Remove a Name From Truecaller?

Truecaller is one of the best and most popular applications in which you can get all the details of unknown numbers quickly. It will provide you with all information about spam calls and spam texts. Get a chance to explore various things in Truecaller software. The best advice I will give you now is that you don’t need to ignore the calls or texts from spam numbers, but you should get all the details related to the unknown numbers. Including all these features, download the network on your Android and IOS. Both devices have the same features but work differently. After blocking the number, you can also get how many times this spam number calls you. And in the block category, you can see spam messages. 

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Remove your name if you are an Android user of the Truecaller app:

The cafeteria of both devices is different. Follow these steps and remove the name quickly.

Remove your name if you are an iPhone user of the Truecaller software:

The initial steps are the same as Android; after downloading the procedure, log in or sign up on the network of Truecaller.

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