How to Remove Truecaller as a Default Dialer

Many people want something other than this feature and want to remove Truecaller as a default dialer. Every setting of the app is in the user’s hand when you download the app on your Android and IOS. Some functions perform differently in both devices but work the same. With the help of Truecaller, you can know about all unknown numbers because when you sign on to the app, you are sharing your personal information and making a professional account. And when you share your number on Truecaller, anyone can pick your number from your professional performance and call or text you. All features are available, as you can unlist your number can remove your name easily and fastly. Now you can block unrevealed and secret numbers calls and their messages because this app will notify you of everything when you receive a piece of news or call from private numbers. 

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All steps that you will follow ( Truecaller as a default dialer)

Open the mobile setting:

The first step is, besides the Truecaller app, you need to open the setting of your device, whether it’s Andriod or IOS, then go to the set of your device; here, you will search for your apps option and click on the app button. 

Now manage your apps:

After opening the apps, the next step you need to follow is you will click on the manage apps icon. In the manage apps option here, all your apps will appear. Then it would be best if you skipped all the possibilities and the right side three dots button that you can see and click on it. 

Default Apps icon:

You can see many options on the three-dot icon, but you will select the default apps icon and then click on it. It would be best if you kept in mind every mobile setting is different, but the steps I am telling you are the same. Follow them and remove Truecaller as a default dialer. 

Truecaller dial option:

In the default app setting, many options will appear on your screen search for the dial option of Truecaller and find it. And then click on the dial option.

Contact and dialer:

Ahead you can see many options as you follow these steps one by one. Then you need to select the contact to make it default. After clicking on the contact as the default option, you have successfully removed Truecaller as a default dialer.

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