How to Use Truecaller?

Spam calls and promotional calls cause a lot of trouble for many users. Truecaller is an application that is specifically designed to identify unknown callers. With this application, you will know the caller’s name even if the number is not saved in your phone log. Being an introvert, very uncomfortable in situations when an unknown number calls me. You must download this application on your Android phone with a stable internet connection to get all details about every caller. There are many other features of the app that makes your life comfortable and pleasing. 

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Outstanding Hallmark of the app:

Advance spam detector:

Truecaller is based in a Swedish company, and most of its users are from India; because India has a fast-growing mobile market so, Indian receive tons of spam calls daily. The advanced spam detector of this application block spam calls automatically. The increased number of downloads of the application and being popular in the whole world is the spam detector. Users can check how many times a number is marked as spam so that they may decide whether to pick up the call or ignore it. All the detail of users, if marked as spam, can be checked in view detail options. You can mark any unknown number as spam or remove numbers from the spam list if you accidentally marked your friend’s number as spam.

Create profile:

The users have to create a profile to enjoy all the outstanding features of the application. Download the truecaller application from the Google play store or click on the download button below and then open the app. 

Search facility:

Users can search for any phone number in the search bar, and the app will display all detail about that user, including name, country or state, email address, business, location, or any other information the user has provided that detail in the truecaller account. If your required user is not on truecaller, it is marked as unknown, and you can only see his name if it is available in the truecaller database. ID recognition feature of the app works in a stable internet connection because this app collects data from different sources, including social media application accounts.

Organize your messages:

Spam, marketing, and promotional messages may hide your important business or personal messages. This app allows you to organize your messages, and you will never miss your essential clients or appointment messages anymore. You have just to set truecaller as a default messaging app, and this app will organize your messages box. You will never get any notification about malicious or harassing messages. This app will automatically block such kinds of messages.

Call recording feature of the app:

Many countries banned call recording features in mobile phones due to security concerns; users are always looking for an application that records their important business calls so that they can listen offline or can share them with their teammates or project mates. But Google has put severe limitations on all third-party call recording applications because these applications somehow breach the other side caller privacy. Truecaller can record calls if your Android phone has version 8 or earlier. You can video call with anyone, but this app requires another Google video calling application called Duo.

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