Truecaller Gold Mod Apk

Truecaller Gold Mod Apk is a convenient application to save your mobile device from annoying scammers, advertising alerts, and campaigns. The use of technology has become more challenging, and everyone is disturbed and annoyed by scammers, unknown numbers, and promotional messages and calls. The use of Truecaller Gold Mod Apk provides all basic and premium features without spending money on paid features of Truecaller, and you can enjoy the application without any worry of scammers and other callers. 

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Highlighting Features of Truecaller Gold Mod Apk

Now you can easily get information about the real ID and name of the person calling you as an unknown number and adjust the setting of Truecaller Gold Mod with the customized options. The other highlighting features of Truecaller Gold Mod are explained below:

Block the Unknow Callers

In the Truecaller Gold Mod Apk application, users can easily manage the options to block scammers and unknown callers. The block folders block different numbers and ID numbers to avoid repeated calls and other connections. In Truecaller Gold Apk, you can block some particular codes of countries, special number series, and the advertising companies of mobile networks. 

Get Complete Information About Scammers

The exciting aspect of Truecaler Gold Mod is all information is displayed on the screen upon receiving any unknown call. You can get the correct information of the person’s name, ID name, and realistic location with the country name and detect the scam situation. With Truecaller Gold, you can find the information the caller of an unknown number is providing are authentic or fake.

Call Recording Options

Use Chat Box and Call Features

The interface of Truecaller Gold Mod Apk is designed to connect with any friend and family member with quick sending and receiving options. You can arrange the box of Gold Truecaller to avoid scammers and hackers and block the messages of such users. The audio and video call options are available, and enjoy HD video graphics with strong signals and effects.

Protect your Privacy & Information

Privacy and a security system is the main goal of Truecaller Gold Mod Apk, and you can use the application without worrying about losing your data. 

Access to Scam Detection Setting

A quick and real detector is enabled in Truecaller Gold Mod Apk to detect unknown callers and scammers without delay. The new calls, messages, and numbers will transfer to the scam folders, and later, you can delete or unlock particular numbers. You can change the setting option and manually block your device’s incoming numbers and IDs.


Truecaller Gold Mod Apk will help to detect scammers and unknown numbers, and you can get all information of these number holders. The name and real location are displayed on the screen on receiving such alerts, and you can distinguish the business and scammer promotions. You can also record calls and connect with quick responses through audio and video calls.


What is Truecaller Gold Mod Apk?

Truecllaer is an advanced software application to avoid the reach of scammers and unknown messages and calls.

How to unlist my number from Truecaller Gold Mod Apk?

In the privacy center of Truecaller Gold Mod Apk, select the account deactivation to unlist your number, and your account will be removed.

How to enable call recording in Truecaller Gold Mod Apk?

In the profile setting of Truecaller Gold Mod Apk, select the ‘Call Recording’ option and enable the automatic recording option to record all calls.

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