What is Truecaller?

Now you can protect your device from spam and scam numbers. Because with the Truecaller application, you can easily and quickly identify fake IDs and unwanted and unknown numbers with this app. You can download the app on your Android and IOS and enable the setting of the software, and it will detect all spam calls and texts automatically and block them. Millions of people are using this software worldwide. Now you can identify the users (unknown numbers) even if you have not saved the number on your device. This app will notify you and create a separate list for unknown and unwanted span and scan numbers lists. Pay attention to the software’s features and benefit from these unique calling and texting qualities for free. 

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Block robocalls and spammers:

After downloading, give complete access to Truecallers on your device. After this procedure, you must allow the app for outgoing and incoming calls and texts. Actually, what will it do? When a spam number calls you, then the interface of the software can see the number as a robocall with its country. And now, it depends on you whether you receive the call or add it to the block list. 

Outstanding calls ID

Now you need to know who is calling you. Because this app will detect all data, spam, and scan numbers and provide complete detail automatically, you can identify the numbers with Truecaller. This app will give you an unknown number name, its profession, whether this number is using social media platforms, and other things quickly. 

Create a video before calling:

You have listened to the contact name profiles on the screen when this number calls you. But in Truecaller, you can create a short video clip and set it on screen. When your friends call you, it will appear on the screen automatically, depending on whether you put your video or your closed ones. 

Themes that you can select:

You have lots of popular themes you will get. And these themes you can set these on different numbers and your chat list. Create groups with your friends and start chatting with the beautifully organized wallpaper of the group chat. 

Calls from verified businesses:

Some calls you can take advantage of. If a company calls you and has a verified account, this app will show you all detail about the company with its profile icon on your mobile screen. Pick up the call or receive messages with verified numbers.

Chat with anyone:

Your chat and calls are protected. You can start your conversation with anyone quickly and straightforwardly. And save the number with its real identity. At the same time, you can send and receive voice images, etc. Now you need to organize a spam-free inbox with the service of Truecaller.

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