truecaller gold apk

Truecaller Gold Apk is advanced software to avoid random calls and notifications from scammers, telemarketers, and promotional companies. The premium features of Truecaller will provide all information about the spam numbers and how many people are reaching your profile with an automatic scam detection system. It will also display the name and accurate identification and location of the unwanted number, and the rate is available on the screen for how many users have declined and rejected the particular scam number. The quick and save calling and messages options are available to provide the best connection source.

Features of Truecaller Gold Apk

The features of Truecaller Gold Apk are bringing more improvements, and multiple new features are added to the premium system to increase your security strength. The main features of Truecaller Gold are given below:

Customize Options to Block Unknown Numbers

In Truecaller Gold Apk, users will select the customization options to adjust the default setting according to their selection. You can choose the different options to block the calls, and it will stop the unknown calls from foreign countries and phone numbers with particular serial and code numbers. It will also block the unknown numbers not available in your phonebook, and you can update the protection system to detect spam in an advanced way.

Advanced Responses to Particular Calls

You can set the particular responses to different categories of calls, and it will respond with the Ai system. 

Detect Spam and Business Notifications

Use Personalize Audio and Video Calls

Along with detecting spam and fraud, Truecaller Gold Apk will help you communicate with your friends and family through fast audio and video calls. You can send video clips before any call to your friends and enjoy the funny moments. The quality of these calls is advanced; you can send and receive the images and pictures and store them with original quality.

Recording and Tracking Calls in Incognito Mode

The incognito mode of Truecaller Gold Apk will help to view the profiles of other users privately, and they never get noticed. 


Trucaller Gold Apk will notify you of incoming unknown and spam calls. You can adjust the setting for block numbers to add them to the block list and get all information about these callers and the objects they want to connect with you. You can add customized options to change and upgrade the setting and maintain the security of your device in the best way.


How to make Truecaller Gold Apk the default calling App?

In the management system of applications, you can open the default applications and select Treucaller Gold Apk as the default calling App.

Is Truecaller Gold Apk free?

Truecaller Gold Apk is free, and you can download the App from the given link to enjoy all premium features for free.

How does Truecaller Gold Apk work?

Truecaller Gold Apk will help to detect scammer and fraud calls to maintain your security and automatically detect spam calls from users’ networks and contact information.

How to change your name in Truecaller Gold Apk?

In the profile setting of Truecaller Gold Apk, you can change your name to the new name.

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