Truecaller Mod Apk Premium Unlocked 2023

Truecaller Mod Apk Premium Unlocked 2023 has advanced and improved premium features to detect spammers and hackers and protect your device’s safety. All premium features are free, and you can enable multiple filters and options to stop incoming calls and messages. The premium unlocked features of Truecaller Mod Apk will help to block scammers and promotional companies automatically, and you can change the default setting according to your convenience.

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The access unlocked 2023 features of Truecaller Mod are available for unlimited time, and then you can also explore the following significant features:

Advanced Caller ID & Spam Alerts

The unlocked premium features of Truecaller Mod Apk provide the latest and updated system filters to detect promotional and scammer alerts. Everyone receives unknown calls and SMS; you can get the Truecaller Mod Apk Premium to know about the person behind calls and alters. You will know each detail about the unknown person, and the name and picture will be displayed in caller ID, and you can directly block these contacts and call resources.

Enable the Ai Assistant

The Ai assistant will help get information from the unknown caller ID and automatically communicate with the person to know the purpose of the calls. The advanced system will turn the typed messages into voice calls and quickly send the flash calls. On detecting the spam aspects, the system will alert the notifications for such users and unknown persons. 

Block Particular & Unknown Scammers

In Truecaller Mod Apk Premium Unblocked 2023, you can block some particular country codes and any special mobile codes of any region and country. 

Premium Incognitio Mode

The premium feature of Truecaller Mod Apk will introduce particular aspects to view other people’s profiles without any notice. While you will get alerts when someone views and monitor your profile. The premium incognito mode will also enable tracking the locations and online status of dear ones without any call connection.

Contact Through Flash SMS & Calls

Another exciting feature of Truecaller Mod Apk Premium Unlocked 2023 is to arrange the chatbox of the application as your personalized chat system. You can chat and call friends and family members with advanced security protocols. You can record the selfie video before any video and audio call and share your message without a call connection.


Truecaller Mod Apk with premium unlocked provides convenience for users, and now they can block all promotional and scammer alerts without any effort. You can also change the default setting options according to your security preferences and enjoy all premium features for free.


How to recover deleted call history from truecaller Mod Apk Premium?

In Application management settings, you can enable the “Backup and Restore” options for Truecaller Mod Apk Premium and quickly recover your deleted data from the history panel. 

How to remove truecaller Mod Apk Premium as the default dialer?

Open the App management system, select the Default Calling option, and remove the Truecaller Mod Apk Premium from the option of default dialer.

How does truecaller Mod Apk Premium work?

Truecaller Mod Apk Premium provides safety for users and arranges all users’ data to alert any user of spam and unknown calls.

How to change the name in truecaller Mod Apk Premium?

You can change the name by selecting the Edit Profile option of Truecaller Mod Apk Premium and easily change your correct name.

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