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Truecaller Mod Apk is the app by which you can block the calls that are spam. Spam calls can be identified and you can set the auto answering of the spam calls here as it will detect the spam calls and answer them by asking the reason for calling. Other than AI assistants, the call receiver itself can also pick up unknown calls and answer them. Live caller ID is also given here to point out spam calls. In addition, a block option for blocking any contact number if it is unknown is also available in it.

Block Calls

You can also block calls by tapping on their call button on the screen and then tapping on the "block" option in the pop-up window that appears.

Unknown Numbers

You can also block unknown numbers by tapping on the "unknown" option in the pop-up window that appears when you tap on an unknown number in your list.

Spam Emails

The app also lets you block spam calls and emails, as well as other nuisance calls and texts from people who call or text without your permission.

Unique Algorithm

It uses a unique algorithm to identify unknown numbers and alerts users when the number has been blocked.

From the Google play store

For downloading Truecaller from the google play store, follow the following steps. 

  • Click on the google play store app icon and enter it. Make sure the internet connection is strong. 
  • As you will enter the google play store, snick the search bar and enter the title of this app in it. 
  • After entering the title in the search bar, click on the go button to get this app for downloading. 
  • This app and various apps related to it will be shown on the page that will be gotten after clicking the go button. 
  • Click on the relative app and tick the install button that appeared there. As you will click the install button, it will start downloading, and after downloading it will be installed automatically on your Android.
  • After installation, you will see its app icon on the device where you have installed and by simply clicking on the icon, you can use it

Modded Apk from here


If you are downloading it from a website page, you have to follow the following steps for this purpose

  • Scroll the page after knowing all about this app from the website where you are downloading it. 
  • Find the download button at any corner of the page after scrolling it on the website page. 
  • As you will get the download button, make sure that there is enough space to save the downloaded file.
  • After making sure your device will save it after downloading and your internet connection is also strong, click on the download button. 
  • After clicking the download button, it will be downloaded in a few seconds and its downloaded file will appear in the downloaded file section of Chrome from where you can easily install it.


Truecaller 4


Users can ask their phone for assistance on specific topics like directions or restaurant recommendations using the virtual assistant feature in Truecaller. The virtual assistant will listen to your request and give you an answer based on what it knows about that topic (such as whether there is a nearby restaurant).

Spam Detector

This is the spam detector app for Android and It allows you to block unwanted calls by hiding your number from unknown callers. The app also allows you to block calls from particular unknown numbers that are frequently calling you or when you have previously blocked them.

Advanced Call Blocker

The advanced caller ID feature of Truecaller mod apk lets you block unknown numbers. The app will show incoming calls with unknown numbers and let you decide whether to answer them.


Frequently Asked Questions

Truecaller mod apk is modified version of original app where you can block unknown numbers and there is an automatic call attendant in it that will attend to the spam call and answer them. In addition, you can also block unwanted SMS here for free.

For downloading Truecaller on Android click on download button above and isntall it into your device.

Yes, Truecaller is a free app but with limited features but if you want the full version for free then download it from the download button to get the apk file of it for free of cost

Yes, Truecaller mod apk is fully safe for Android devices. The ads are displayed in the free version but blocked in the premium version of this app but you will still get it free from here.